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My Child's First Reading Book
Simple Yet Systematic Tools to Walk Non-Readers to Readers!

"You should publish it!"
-K.K., Parent of a Kindergartner
 "It's great!"
-C.C., Parent of a Kindergartner

"Thank you for such a great resource!"
-K.B., Kindergarten Teacher

"The pictures are gorgeous. This is great..!
-W.G., Certified Reading Specialist

"Andrew is having a ball!  He takes it to bed with him."
-J.H., Grandparent of a Four-Year Old

"Hannah already can't put it down!"
-M.B., Parent of a Kindergartner
"That book is so very cute."
-S.W., Parent and former Montessori Preschool Director
"You've really done a very good job with it."
-R.N., Preschool Director



"I've looked it over (and my first thought was how well put together the book is)..."
-P.W., Aunt of a Preschooler

"It is a great book and Nyah already loves reading out of it…"
-J.V., Parent of a Preschooler

Imagine, your daughter comes to you - one month into Kindergarten and says, "Dad, I want to learn to read!" Surprised, but pleased, I purchased two books on Amazon (to remain nameless). One was making it too difficult. The other wasn't doing near enough.

So, I asked a friend of mine, how she taught her son to read. You see - he was reading on a second grade level, the year before (in my daughter's and his preschool class). My friend replied, "With three-letter words!" Note: we also had a letter-sound tape in the car.

At that moment, it dawned on me - if they knew three letter-sounds, they could read a three-letter word! So, I started putting pages together: letter-sound page, letter-sound page, reading page.  And it worked like a charm - in relatively short order, my daughter went from the alphabet to reading short-vowel books.

Look Inside (Table of Contents)

Section 1 - Short Vowels & Consonants
Sections 2 - Long Vowels & Blends
Section 3 - Segmenting

   Den's Reading Program**:
Young or old, our phonics-based systematic approach walks non-readers to readers, via fun and easy lessons.  Whether your student knows the alphabet or not - we've got the place to start.  Because our program is so student friendly, we garner praise from all walks of the education community: parents, teachers, re: students, administrators, and even reading specialists (ref: Testimonials, to the left).

Why is our program so successful?
>Multiple reasons:
   1) We engage students at their level - via our Signature Page Design;
2) Lessons are age appropriate in both content & length;
3) We use proven techniques: rhyming, blending & segmenting;
4) We keep it fun and upbeat!
Evolution of Content and Titles  

The original title is "My Child's First Reading Book" (MCFRB). However, the author's mom saw that it worked for more than just her granddaughter, when she started selling them at her preschool. So, she suggested a title change. That's when, simply, "First Reading Book" (FRB) came to be. Sometime later, I realized we could give students a little more help on the reading pages, by hyphenating the three-letter words (eg. “bat” to “b-a-t”). That's when "The Phonics Reading Book" (TPRB) was born. We still maintain MCFRB and FRB as reading books with "whole language" reading pages (just “bat” and a picture of a baseball bat).
Some years later, I started working with my church's pre-Kindergarten program. At that time, I decided to develop instruction to include the alphabet, as well as pre-phonics - the bridge between the alphabet and phonics. This gave birth to both “The Alphabet Book” (TAB), and “Pre-Phonics for Preschoolers” (PfP). Finally, I introduced a compilation title, “Alphabet to Phonics” (AtP).  Note: all titles have both student and teacher’s editions. Teacher’s editions include detailed lesson plans, as well as assessments.

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"It's Amazing What You Can Accomplish In A Den!"
Teach Someone To Read | Start A Bookkeeping Career

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